The Hidden Paw (hiddenpaw) wrote in resistancegames,
The Hidden Paw


This was me giving in. Submitting to the fact that I was beaten and trapped and would never escape this hell hole. Trapped on a planet with so many other defeated fools like me. I had been trapped for months but this drink was the admittance of defeat the admittance that I would never save enough to get out of here.

When I think of what I fell for I have to admit little shame. Who would have seen a trap so gigantic. Hundreds of people fell for it. Here was the trick. First thing I saw was an advert. Cheep holidays, off world, Class transport out and back and when you get there earn spending money operating giant mining robots, which sounded like a right blast anyway (It was too). These adverts appeared in the papers every year as well as the reports on the TV and all. It looked good it really did. I went for it.

The journey out was really something. The cabins were nothing spectacular but the were comfortable. There was good food. Plenty of sports including loads of 0G stuff and even a choice of clubs (I gravitated towards the dark rock joint towards the back. There were even, for thoughts smart enough to take one, there was even the option of 0G sleep quarters. Some people find it hard to sleep in 0G so most people avoid it. I wasn't thinking about sleep when I got the room. There were a lot less girls than men on the ship (Not like the adds but I should have guessed). It's a real advantage to be able to offer the novelty of 0G sex. It's an experience several times over (Well it was for me).

Three times a day the ship would make a it's warp jump. The ship would dilate and become somewhere else many light years away. Everything Dilated, time, space and the soul. The hallucinations were mind numbing. A lot of folk opted for sedation. Personally I lived it raw. Not that I could describe most of what happened. Three dimensions doesn't cover it. It was like I was twenty things at once. It was an amazing journey.

The journey out was a week. Then I had four weeks there. The four weeks were great Running the mining robots was a real blast. Try being a 60 foot metal god chucking huge boulders about sometime and tell me it isn't. During the time off there was the all kinds of stuff going. I loved the buggy racing the best. It wasn't just a normal race. The track was along the sand dunes and back and we all had paintball guns. Hit the driver and they were out. Four weeks in a total play ground.

And now I was walking in to a bar a mile underground in the sulphur orange glow of all the tunnel lamps down here. The iron walls dripped. It wasn't like the bars up above. I was trapped now. Suckered in. Caught. And no Blue Fairy.
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