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The Hidden Paw


The trouble started the day before the journey home I was summoned to the rep's office and told that our flight had been delayed. The ship had got in with the new tourists it had arrived but it had developed a major problem with life support. Another ship was on the way but would not be there for 3 weeks. In the mean time the new tourists had first digs on the jobs with the big robots. I said that was fine and I'd just rest and race a bit for the rest of the time. But the rep point's out that the hotel room still needs to be paid for the extra time I'd be there. Of course I argued that it was their problem since they had to get me home but apparently since she was just a rep for the hotel and the ship was the responsibility of somebody else I would have to speak to my travel agent to and claim compensation when I got back. For now, if I wanted a roof I had to work the manual mining jobs. Also since my finances were close and the money from the new work wouldn't cover the hotel prices I would have to move down to the worker village for the next three weeks. I didn't have a choice. And they said it's really wasn't all that bad. Bunch of fucking liars.

Now I know that the ship did take back a load of my fellow tourists. This was to keep up the image. It was also because unlike me a lot of the tourists had money and if they didn't have enough to pay for the hotel with them they could get it transferred from there earth accounts in moments. They just used their contacts and hackers to find out who couldn't pay and targeted them. I had just enough to cover the holiday and the extra time I would be off work. They targeted me.

It was all very nice till we hit the elevator. They carried my bags to the waiting car. In the car I was joined by another tourist. I knew him from the buggy races. He was a top shot with a paintball gun but couldn't drive for toffee. Tex was short but solid with blond hair in a buzzcut.
"You to eh?" He said "What a bummer. I guess we'll see quite a few others when we get there." He was for the most part wrong. It was a rich crowd that came out here. I often wondered what would have happened if instead of taking a new girl every night I'd got it on with one of the rich girls. Still, too late for that.

We arrived at a small windowless concrete building at the top of the gigantic artificial canyon that was the mine. Inside were about a dozen of the 1000 of so who had made the trip out from earth.
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